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Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

August 14, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to the Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles and local press:

Dear Mr. Lurie,

What is the price to sell your soul? It must be a shot for that Superbowl ring and, of course, the money. Surely as CEO, coach and players you have all sold your soul by welcoming Michael Vick to the Eagles. We gave this man the privilege of playing professional football and making millions of dollars once before and he had the responsibility of setting an example to all of us who admired his abilities. Instead of cultivating a positive image, he chose to commit atrocities to animals. There is something in the core of his body that permitted him to do these atrocities and it is hard for me to believe that Michael Vick has been set straight by just losing money. To forgive Michael Vick is one thing, but to put him back up on his pedestal is something entirely different. Cheering Michael Vick as he throws a pass, catches a football or scores a touchdown would only be seen as condoning and accepting his actions.

Anyone that owns a pit bull and loves it dearly will never forgive Michael Vick. Anyone that truly loves their animals and treats them with respect and returns the love that they receive will never be able to cheer him on the field. Why has Philadelphia stooped so low?

Coincidentally, this morning I came across a picture of a greyhound that recently passed away that was photographed with its buddy, a pit bull - one that is loved and cherished, not trained to kill and then killed when it fails, as so many greyhounds are. As a society, we choose to either try to eliminate evil or condone it. I, for one, will not cheer the Eagles as long as Michael Vick is a player. The signing of this man has made Philadelphia look cheap and desperate throughout the world. Is it worth it? Not in my view.

Greyhounds are greyt as pets,

David G. Wolf

Polar & Abby

August 18, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to Sponsors of the Philadelphia Eagles:

Dear [Philadelphia Eagles Sponsor],

Fight Victim

National Greyhound Adoption Program is devoted to saving the lives of and finding homes for former racing greyhounds that have been exploited and sometimes abused. We feel very strongly that the hiring of Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles is the wrong message to send to our citizens and to our children.

We are polling every Eagles sponsor for their official position on the hiring of Michael Vick so that these words, whether it be for or against, can be made very clear to your constituents. Please respond to the address listed above.

Greyhounds are greyt as pets,

David G. Wolf

August 21, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to WHYY (NPR) Morning Edition:

Dear WHYY,

I, like many other people, have sent correspondence to Jeffrey Lurie regarding the hiring of Michael Vick. I could not be considered a ‘middle-of-the-roader’ since I am an advocate, most specifically for greyhounds but also for all animals, during most of my waking hours. I was somewhat upset by your radio interview this morning that took two extremes regarding animal advocacy. The woman who took twelve rats into her home and hates to kill insects does not necessarily represent the majority of the people that are upset by the hiring of Michael Vick, nor can the researcher from a university be completely objective. Citizens that own pets and love them and have read about the diabolical, premeditated torture and killing done to the Vick Pit Bulls are upset. They are in a different arena than the extremes represented today on your show and I am sure it is they who are most appalled by the Michael Vick hiring.

Fight Victim

Last night, I read an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer that discussed the sale of #7 Michael Vick jerseys at Modell’s and Dick’s. I felt saddened that these two corporate entities could not, on their own, make a moral judgment but rather conceded to what the public demanded. This is just another degradation of our moral fabric. Corporate entities, as well as individuals, need to make a stand when the situation warrants it.

When I saw the 60 Minute piece on the killing of lions in Africa with a chemical called Furadan, I wrote to FMC Corporation, based here in Philadelphia, and they responded that they would stop selling Furadan in Kenya. Later when 60 minutes re-aired the same segment, it was noted that FMC had indeed stopped selling the product in Kenya but, alas, it was still available in neighboring areas. Of course, FMC received another of my letters.

Without breaking into laboratories and making violent protests, our voices can still be heard, and if enough people take the time to make their voices heard, only good will come of it.

Greyhounds are greyt as pets,

David G. Wolf

August 21, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to Dick's & Modell's Sporting Goods:

Dear Modell's/Dick's,

Fight Victim

Being an advocate for greyhounds as well as all animals, I was saddened that your company could not make a clear, moral stand regarding the humane treatment of animals. It is one thing for Jeffrey Lurie to make the wrong decision in the hiring of Michael Vick, but another for you to profit from it. It would be appropriate if your corporation could take a moral stand for animals, in this case animals that were horribly tortured and killed. Do you need to make a profit on everything? There may just be some people out there that won’t shop in your store because you can’t do the right thing. I am one of them.

Greyhounds are greyt as pets,

David Wolf

August 21, 2009
Email from David Wolf to NGAP Mailing List and posted to NGAP Yahoo Group:

To Everyone Who Has Responded About Michael Vick,

I am so pleased that 90% of those that responded to my email are endorsing NGAP’s position against the hiring of Michael Vick by the Philadelphia Eagles. In have read so many responses and posts and was interested that one of our Yahoo group members had the same idea that I did; if Mr. Vick has truly seen the light, let him take the money that he earns from football and give it to animal welfare groups. Let’s say he could keep $250,000 per year and donate the remaining $1 million plus to animal welfare. If he has a good season next year, almost $5 million would go to animal welfare. This would send a message to me that he has seen the light and that he has found God and is devoted to changing those that would harm animals, but I am sceptical. Secondly, I would like to comment about those large humane organizations in the United States. The Humane Society of the United States and National Greyhound Adoption Program have had a long history and for sure, it was not one that has been very constructive. The were years when I spent considerable time at the Florida state capital where the HSUS has an affiliate office. I can remember all to well that when we needed their support, they were always dealing with something else and I would get the same explanation that I had heard from so many legislators, “Our plate is too full”. Boy, was I sick of that saying! The current president of the HSUS met with greyhound advocates in California several years ago when he was just their representative. Greyhound Protection League, Grey2K, NGAP, Greyhound Friends, Greyhound Network News and others were all present. He spent most of the sessions either stepping out or dozing off – and that’s a fact. In short, whenever we would call the HSUS for help, they were always too busy with other things. I will say that they helped Grey2K in Massachusetts, but they were never there for us.

I have never found the Animal Humane Society to do anything of note except to collect monies to pay salaries. They don’t qualify for much of a response.

The ASPCA is certainly a mixed bag. When it came to visiting the Animal Medical Center, Jacque Schultz represented them. She must have been wearing rose-colored glasses the day she inspected their facilities. When I noted to her that every greyhound blood donor there had periodontal disease, she said, “Well I never look at greyhounds’ teeth”. When it came to putting pressure on the AMC to get rid of their blood donors, they just didn’t want to go there; they didn’t want the confrontation. More recently, at a promotional luncheon on puppy mills and PA House Bill 2525, the ASPCA fudged some of the facts. I stood and pointed out that PA House Bill 2525, as written, called for a minimum temperature of 55 degrees. I know that none of us want our dogs to be in a kennel that is 55 degrees. Their response was that they had to make compromises. I remember reading a full page ad in a national magazine while sitting in a doctor’s office about the ASPCA being the voice of those animals that could not speak. They certainly were not the voice for greyhounds when they needed it. The ASPCA has given money to greyhound programs in the past, including NGAP, and I believe they still do. However, they are in the unique position of being the oldest humane society in the United States with a large mailing list, and an even larger budget, and they should take strong and even controversial positions when warranted. I like their new glitzy national advertisement currently running but they won’t be getting any of my money. You can be assured money donated to NGAP is going to help our greyhounds and not to pay big salaries.

Anyone who would like to demonstrate and/or wear sandwich signs, please contact us and we will work on getting them made up as well as notifying everyone when and where demos will be held provided we are contacted prior to the event.

Invitation received by NGAP from fellow animal welfare groups to protest at Vick's first pre-season game on August 27, 2009:

To All Animal Lovers, Eagles Fans, and Interested Others,

You are invited to join us before and during the Eagles preseason game on Thursday August 27th to raise your voice to save abused animals and protest the Eagles signing of Michael Vick. Please meet at the southeast corner of the South Philadelphia intersection of Broad Street and Pattison Avenue whenever you can get there, preferably early and at busy news times of 5:00pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm and at kick-off time of 7:00pm. Forward this invitation to anyone you feel is interested.

Our 3 stated goals:
-Help animals in the region be rescued, fostered and adopted - no-kill.
-Let the Eagles know our anger and extreme dissatisfaction by the decision they
made and the way they perpetrated it upon us
-Raise our voices to the sponsors of the Eagles and divest our spending with them.

A few ground rules will apply:

Be respectable, and be respectful of the law and others in at tendance - avoid confrontations; do not block peoples' movement or access; cause no damage to persons, property, or dignity; clean up after yourself; do not use profane language; be safe; stay with friends and groups of 4 or more people when possible

Remember you will be on national, regional, and local media, as well as the internet - do not behave in a way that will damage our goals stated above; do not let your behavior and actions cause witnesses, viewers and others to see us as being on the wrong side of the issues.

Make it a memory you will be proud to share with family, children, and friends.

A few things to bring:

-Other supporters and enthusiasm!
-Your leashed pet - also bring water and clean-up bags
-Signs - preferably painted, large lettered, and within the spirit of Rules 1, 2 and 3
-Video and digital cameras, cell phones, and other recording devices
-A bullhorn or megaphone
-Pens and notepads or other means of notation
-Appropriate gear for the weather
-Water and food only as necessary

This invite is neither sponsored, nor on behalf of, any organization or pre-established group. It is merely a citizen communication to exercise your right to express your opinion to the public.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Many thanks!

NGAP is providing sandwich board signs for this event. Look for them on the news!

Anti-Vick Signs

August 26, 2009
Letter from American Red Cross Public Inquiry to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

Thank you for contacting the American Red Cross to share your concerns. The American Red Cross and the Philadelphia Eagles have had a great working relationship for over two years that focuses on hosting blood drives that support our mission. The Eagles help the Red Cross raise awareness about the need for lifesaving blood by sponsoring and promoting blood drives in the Philadelphia area. In addition, the team promotes visibility of the local Red Cross chapter at various community events. Our organization is not involved with management decisions made by the Philadelphia Eagles. At no time have the Eagles informed the Red Cross or solicited our views on aspects of their business operations.

Since you are in regular contact with dog owners, it may be helpful to your clients to know that The American Red Cross has a Pet First Aid class. The class includes how to approach an injured dog or cat, administering medications, shock, choking dehydration, breathing emergencies, CPR, heat stroke, frostbite and seizures. We also have a Dog First Aid book with a companion DVD, which provides guidance for emergency situations involving dogs until veterinary care is available, including information on:

  • Symptoms and care for common ailments and emergencies
  • Creating a pet first aid kit
  • How to prepare for disasters
  • Basic pet owner responsibilities, like spaying, neutering and administering medications
  • Maintaining your pet's health and well being

We hope this information is helpful and we wish you continued success in finding loving homes for Greyhounds.

American Red Cross Public Inquiry

August 27, 2009
Letter from Christine Tashen, GEICO Insurance, to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

When I was growing up, I had a black cocker spaniel that rarely left my side. And as a young family, we had a small loveable sheepdog that watched over all of us. Right now there is a tiny Chihuahua in the family and a wildly friendly yellow Lab.

There may be people who aren't familiar with the work that the National Greyhound Adoption Program does to find good homes with good families for these fine animals when their racing days are over, but I doubt it. It is a very kind thing that you do.

Yesterday I read that there are hundreds of pilots of small planes around the country who have volunteered to fly dogs and other animals from short-term shelters to no-kill shelters hundreds of miles away. This is all at their own expense.

It's all proof that Americans surely love animals as companions and friends and want to see them well-treated.

We understand your concerns with the Philadelphia Eagles in their recent hiring of Michael Vick. We think this is a matter best taken up with the organization.

GEICO is an auto insurance company and runs advertising spots during many NFL athletic events broadcast throughout the country to try to reach large audiences with our message of excellent coverage, price and service.

As a company and as an advertiser, we do not take positions on the issues that arise among those teams or among their players.

Most sincerely,
Christine Tashen

August 27, 2009
Letter from Jami Thrower, Independence Blue Cross, to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

Thank you for your inquiry about our sponsorship of the Philadelphia Eagles. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know the depth of your concern. Please be assured these concerns have been shared with the appropriate people in the company.

We have been a sponsor of the Eagles for many years, but as you probably know, we do not have any input into the team's business decisions. However, we share your concern and the concern expressed by the Eagles management about Mr. Vick's "horrendous" and illegal behavior, for which he was convicted and served prison time.

If you haven't done so already, you may wish to express your views directly to the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jami Thrower

September 1, 2009
Letter from Eric Warren,US Aiways Corporate Office, to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

US Airways entered into a sponsorship with the Philadelphia Eagles in February 2006. We did this as a show of support for the great city of Philadelphia, as well as to foster pride for our employees who live and work in our Hub. We were, and remain, proud of our association with the Eagles. It is not appropriate for us to take a position on the Eagles' individual player staffing decisions; rather we support them as a team that is committed to setting a positive example in their community, just as US Airways is.

Eric Warren
Representative, Customer Relations

September 3, 2009
Letter from Janey Camacho,7-Eleven Consumer Affairs, to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf:

We thank you for contacting 7-Eleven regarding your concerns about the news story that recently aired. 7-Eleven, Inc. entered into a five-year sponsorship agreement with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2007 in an effort to raise awareness of the 7-Eleven brand of convenience retailing and to connect with local sports fans. 7-Eleven's sponsorship of the Philadelphia Eagles should not be construed in any way to mean that 7-Eleven condones of agrees with Mr. Vick's prior comments, views or actions that led to his conviction on federal dog fighting charges.

Janey Camacho
Manager, Concumer Affairs

September 10, 2009
Letter from Cheryl Slavinsky, Rite Aid Public Relations, to David Wolf:

Dear Mr. Wolf,

Your letter regarding Michael Vick has made its way to me. Thank you for taking the time to contact Rite Aid. We appreciate your feedback.

We certainly do not condone Michael Vick's previous conduct. And while we know Michael Vick's reinstatement can be upsetting, the NFL said it is on a conditional basis and he will be considered for full reinstatement in October based on the progress he makes on his transition plan. We understand that transition plan includes working directly with the Humane Society to speak to children about preventing animal abuse. Since we are not in a position to determine who plays for the Eagles, we will follow the guidance of the NFL leadership and expect they will appropriately address this issue.

Please be assured your comments have been shared with the appropriate individuals in our company.

Cheryl Slavinsky
Director of Public Relations

August 27, 2009
Article by George Curry published in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Beyond the Spin: Vick's second chance isn't up to the Stewart standard
By George Curry

The Martha Stewart brand is affixed to everything from cooking shows to magazines. So it was surprising when Stewart, a former stockbroker, was charged with risking millions of dollars and her carefully crafted reputation on a trading scheme that saved her about $50,000.

According to the federal indictment of Stewart, Merrill Lynch broker Peter Bacanovic represented both Stewart and Samuel Waksal, the CEO of ImClone. On Dec. 27, 2001, upon learning that the Food and Drug Administration would not approve ImClone's treatment for colorectal cancer, Waksal and his family ordered Merrill to sell their ImClone shares.

Within minutes of learning this, according to the indictment, Bacanovic called Stewart. A few hours later, Stewart called back, learned of the planned Waksal sale, and ordered that her ImClone shares be sold. They sold that day for about $230,000. The next day, ImClone announced the FDA decision, and its stock declined by about 20 percent - which would have cost Stewart around $50,000.

After a five-week trial, Stewart was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction, and lying to investigators. She was sentenced to five months in prison; two years of supervised release, including five months of home confinement during which she would be monitored via ankle bracelet; and a $30,000 fine.

After her time at the Anderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia, a minimum-security facility for women affectionately known as Camp Cupcake, Stewart was released shortly after midnight on March 4, 2005. An awaiting SUV took her to a nearby airport, where a private jet whisked her off to Westchester County in New York.

Stewart chose to serve the home confinement at her 153-acre estate in Bedford, N.Y. Her other luxurious homes, in the Hamptons and off the coast of Maine, would have to wait. But she was glad to be home - any home - after her time behind bars.

Once freed of her shackles, instead of being scorned as a convicted felon, Martha Stewart was given, well, the Martha Stewart treatment.

Donald Trump created a new television show, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. Stewart resumed her position at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, with compensation of about $2 million in 2007. She also gets $2 million a year for letting her company tape shows at one of her homes.

Stewart's post-prison activities have also included hosting her show, releasing books, launching a housewares line for Macy's, developing a weekly satellite radio show, partnering with the Gallo family on a wine brand, offering a line of foods for Costco, and creating a line of Wal-Mart items. Since her sentencing, her company's stock price has more than quadrupled.

Two years ago today, Michael Vick pleaded guilty to operating "Bad Newz Kennels," a dogfighting ring based in Virginia. The ring shot or electrocuted dogs that performed poorly.

Vick was sentenced to 23 months in prison. He served 18 months at the U.S. Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kan., an old, medium-security facility that once housed gangster George "Machine Gun" Kelly and Al Capone rival George "Bugs" Moran.

Like Martha Stewart, Michael Vick did five months of home confinement. After his time in Leavenworth, he stayed with his fiancee and their children in a five-bedroom, 3,500-square-foot brick house in Hampton, Va. He was forced to wear an electronic monitor as he reported to his $10-an-hour construction job.

Vick, the first African American quarterback taken first overall in the NFL draft, signed a contract in 2001 worth $130 million over 10 years. It was revoked upon his conviction. In 2006, Sports Illustrated estimated he was earning $25.4 million annually hawking products for Coca-Cola, Nike, and others, but his endorsements fizzled long before his dogfighting woes. His finances were also hurt by out-of-control spending and questionable advisers.

Today in Philadelphia, Vick is expected to make his first NFL appearance since his plea. The Eagles recently signed him to a contract for $1.6 million for the first year, with a second-year option for $5.2 million, plus up to $3 million in incentives. Creditors are lined up to collect their shares.

Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year, listing assets of less than $50 million and debts of $10 million to $50 million. As part of his reorganization plan, he would give up three of his six homes in Virginia.

Although he is working with the Humane Society, Vick is dogged by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, members of which taunt him in public. Some animal-rights activists promise to protest at Eagles games and erect billboards vilifying Vick. Undoubtedly, he is not getting the Martha Stewart treatment.

George Curry can be contacted at

August 28, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to the Philadelphia Inquirer in Response to George Curry's article:

Dear Editor:

After reading George Curry’s article titled Vick’s Second Chance isn’t up to the Stewart Standard, I’m not quite sure how this article got past the editorial board. Let’s say we have a pile of apples and a pile of oranges. They are common in the respect that they are both fruits, but they are really quite different.

Martha Stewart was convicted for a judgment error regarding an insider tip that saved her $50 thousand dollars at the time. She spent time in jail for that and while in jail, she used her time wisely. She is a smart lady, which is how she got where she is today and when she left jail, she was even smarter and wiser. So certainly she was accepted and again thrived in the public eye. Let’s call Martha the pile of oranges.

On the other hand, we have Michael Vick, our pile of apples, who is not very clever to begin with, evident by the fact that he somehow squandered $20 million dollars, or at least owes that much now. He had poor advisors, was the man in charge of an illegal, horrendous, dog-fighting operation and killed and maimed an untold number of dogs – we’ll never know how many for sure. He didn’t do it once, he did it again and again and again.

Martha harmed no one but herself. Michael Vick perpetrated an inhumane crime and hurt many, many animals that couldn’t help themselves. There is no comparison and there should never be.

David Wolf

Commentary from David Wolf:
Although the Philadelphia Inquirer did not publish my response above, which was well over their 200 word limit, they did publish a similar response from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, leaving out the apples and oranges to that article.

On a side note, NGAP has had a working relationship with Best Friends for over 15 years. Most of the time we help them to get food. They continuously house over 2000 dogs and a large number of cats and other critters, sometimes for a lifetime. They are a very devoted organization and have been very successful at what they do. They took in 22 of Michael Vick’s pitbulls - ones that could not easily be placed. The commentary written below is their side of the story which is important for all of us to read when making an assessment about the virtues of Michael Vick

August 29, 2009
Letter from Francis Battista to the Philadelphia Inquirer in Response to George Curry's article:

What about Vick's victims?
Those caring for some of the animals rescued from his dogfighting ring still wonder about the quarterback's sincerity.
By Francis Battista

Twenty-two dogs rescued from Michael Vick's dogfighting operation were brought to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary last year. They arrived at our Utah facility in various states of trauma. While we've had many breakthroughs with the dogs, some have yet to recover. And some may never recover from the abuse and neglect they suffered in Vick's care.

To our knowledge, neither Vick, his handlers, nor the NFL has called to ask how the dogs are doing. And these very real, living victims of the crime are nowhere to be found in the continuing debate about Vick's rehabilitation.

Vick's handlers had shopped him around to various national animal organizations, including Best Friends Animal Society, while he was still in prison. We were interested, but we did not want to involve Vick in our work and effectively give him our endorsement unless he actually demonstrated his remorse by taking on some unheralded volunteer work. Perhaps it would be spending six months or a year doing helpful chores at some animal shelter, or visiting community centers to talk to kids without any fanfare or expectation of personal gain.

When Vick was busted for dogfighting, the publicity generated a wave of discussion and public examination of the horrors of this awful sport. The public outrage surrounding his arrest and conviction were probably the most effective measures against animal fighting since they closed the Roman Coliseum.

Now Vick has returned to football in an Eagles uniform, playing in his first game since his conviction this week. Reports from the locker room say teammates are supportive, relying on the argument that he has paid his debt to society. But Philly fandom is clearly divided, with detractors saying the Eagles and the NFL have shown that all their talk about character and role models is just that - talk.

Vick is also working with the Humane Society of the United States. Unfortunately, the Humane Society's well-meaning involvement is taken as a character reference and apology for a man who killed dogs with his bare hands in unbelievably cruel ways.

The Eagles are complicit in that they brought Vick on board before he had taken even the slightest redemptive measures for animals. The team satisfied his handlers' agenda by facilitating his immediate return to the privileged confines of the NFL, with nothing more to go on than the word of a known liar and animal abuser.

Vick may have paid his legal debt to society, but how does one begin to assess his heart and mind when he has done little more than say what he had to say to get his job back?

More than anything, this episode demonstrates what little regard our society has for nonhuman life. We compartmentalize violent, antisocial behavior according to the species of the victim.

Vick personally drowned, electrocuted with jumper cables, and body-slammed dogs to death, when he could have paid a veterinarian to put them down with lethal injections. After all, he paid someone to meticulously remove the teeth - roots and all - of Georgia, one of the dogs now at Best Friends, so she could be bred without endangering her male partner.

Would someone who expressed that level of aggression and violence against another person, even without a death involved, ever be considered for immediate readmission to professional sports?

This isn't just a sentimental animal lover's assessment. Animal cruelty is a proven gateway for violent criminals ranging from the Columbine kids to your run-of-the-mill wife-beater.

Imagine if the bodies of those animals had turned up at random in Philadelphia neighborhoods over the course of several months. Would the good people of the city want the person responsible playing quarterback for their beloved team?

As it stands, Vick is well on his way to regaining his former status, thanks in large part to the Eagles and the Humane Society. I hope the Humane Society's gamble pays off for the animals.

Vick certainly appeared concerned about returning to football as soon as possible. We would like to be more convinced of his concern for animals, if only he could humble himself by changing water, scooping poop, or sweeping floors at a local shelter - where dogs slated for deaths more merciful than those Vick meted out wait hopefully for simple acts of human kindness.

Francis Battista is a cofounder of Best Friends Animal Society, which has cared for some of the most traumatized dogs rescued from Vick's dogfighting operation. For more information, see

September 11, 2009
Letter from David Wolf to local media:

Main Line Animal Rescue published an ad in the Washington Post on September 9th, 2009 offering to donate five bags of dog food to a local animal shelter in Washington D.C. every time Michael Vick gets sacked during the game on October 26. They plan to run a similar ad in every city to which the Eagles travel for a game. The National Greyhound Adoption Program would like to up the ante! If Main Line Animal Rescue is willing to donate five bags of dog food for every Michael Vick tackle, we would be willing to donate ten cases of Wellness snacks for every Michael Vick tackle with the exception that our treats will benefit local Pennsylvania shelters. This will apply to both home and away games. If the player that does the tackling has a dog, we will be happy to send the player a case to their home office! Shelters can contact us directly if they would like to take part in the distribution. For questions or comments, please call 215.768.4023 or email

I am in complete agreement that someone as vicious and brutal to dogs as Michael Vick won’t make such an easy conversion.

Greyhounds are greyt as pets,
David Wolf

Come back soon for more....

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