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National Greyhound Adoption Program's Services

National Greyhound Adoption Program is proud to provide superior support and care throughout the life of your greyhound. As well as finding loving, new homes for the former racing greyhounds housed in our adoption kennels, NGAP offers many other valuable services to the public.

"NGAP Pet Care" Veterinary Clinic

Our full-service clinic and surgical facility specializes in the care and health of greyhounds with a strong emphasis on dental care. Our staff doctors treat greyhounds almost exclusively and see over 2,000 greyhounds annually and thousands under anesthesia protocol. NGAP has expanded this superb veterinary care to include other breeds of dogs, as well as cats now that our new facility is fully operational.

All dogs and cats are now welcome!

Happy Greyhound

Greyhound Boarding

NGAP also operates a boarding facility for vacationing greyhound owners. With almost twenty years of experience, our boarding staff is attuned to the special needs of your greyhound and is equipped to deal with any greyhound issue that may arise during its stay with us. The comfort, care and safety of your dog are our top priorities and if you board your greyhound with us, you know you can vacation worry-free! We like to think of our boarding as a vacation for your dog!


NGAP also does something that is rarely done in rescue. We call it 're-donating'. NGAP actively seeks donations in large proportions because we have the ability to pick up and safely store trailer-loads of donated food, pharmaceuticals, and other goods. These large donations do not always necessarily fall under the guidelines of what we need or use, so we utilize what we can and arrange for the donation of the rest to other rescues, greyhound or not. We have been known to send trailer-loads of food to other facilities at no charge.

NGAP Pets Crematory

Lastly, when your pet's final day arrives, our pet crematory services are available to greyhound owners as well the owners of various other pets and animals.

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National Greyhound Adoption Program
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