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NGAP war with AMC
The Animal Medical Center is one of America's most prestigious veterinary facilities. It sits in the center of New York City. It is a seven-story building with one-hundred full-time veterinarians and another hundred veterinarian residents. In 2004, National Greyhound Adoption Program was informed that the AMC housed greyhounds for the purpose of using them as blood donors. That small bit of information ultimately ignited a flaming giant in my heart that I wanted to change...
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AMC Correspondence
When I had learned about Greyhound Blood donors being at Animal medical Center and ultimately corresponded with Dr. Ann Hoenhaus, much to my surprise, they offered to give me a tour of their facility
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NGAP's Stance on Blood Donation
Human blood donors probably save millions of lives each year. They give lifesaving blood anonymously to people they will probably never know. Dogs and cats can do the same thing. The greyhound has long been a desirable canine for the use of being a blood donor. There are good reasons why it should be used and there are also good reasons why it shouldn’t be used...
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NGAP is Looking for People Who Adopted Their Greyhounds from Hemopet and The Pet Blood Bank
If you have adopted a greyhound from either Hemopet in California or The Pet Blood Bank in Texas you already know that your greyhound was a blood donor. It is our belief that many of the greyhounds in these two blood banks may have been placed there without the express permission of their registered greyhound owner and that these owners were told that their greyhounds were going to be adopted into homes. This is called misrepresentation...
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NGAP's Initiative to the NGA in Regards to Blood Donor Greyhounds
It was good speaking with you today.
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He's My Denny
It was January 25, 1996. Sandy Snyman, the adoption coordinator at Daytona Beach Kennel Club, heard a dog whimpering in a locked kennel adjoining the adoption kennel. After forcing the locked door open, she found He's My Denny, a greyhound that had been in a fight, had terrible wounds to its body, and was apparently left to die. Sandy immediately took the dog in for veterinary care with Dr. Willam R. Rippey Jr. where he was treated until trainer David Gibby prematurely took him away.
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Hemopet Correspondence
In December 2008, we received a call from Dr. Jean Dodds with Hemopet. She was upset with the posting on our website referencing Hemopet as possibly not having legal authorization or ownership to keep all of the greyhounds they were using as blood donors. The day after that correspondence, we received a letter for their attorney, Mr. Charles Berman (Dr. Dodds' husband), and since there have been several communications back and forth regarding the greyhounds in their possession.
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Shame On You! - Sports Illustrated
This year in Sports Illustrated's 2008 ‘Pictures of the Year'edition, there was a two-page spread of English greyhounds racing. The caption read made small mention of greyhound adoption in the United Kingdom. We were offended by this photograph and for their lack of sensitivity to something that is not a sport for the greyhounds which are running for their very lives.
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'Ban Hare Coursing' Site
The United States seems to be civilized when it comes to using live rabbits in greyhound racing; it is outlawed. That doesn’t mean that the racing industry does not use rabbits, or sometimes even kittens, to train their greyhounds.
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The Pet Blood Bank
Letter from David Wolf to the Texas Office of the Attorney General
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Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles
Letters from David Wolf, Director of NGAP in regards to the signing of Michael Vick to the Philadelphia Eagles
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20 Years of Observation: Greyhound Hauls
20 years ago, when we first started to receive greyhounds, most of them came by air. But as airlines prices rose and more efforts were put towards saving these wonderful animals, trucks began bringing the dogs to us. In the beginning, these trucks were often racing-industry associated. You would always know when one was in our compound because the smell was just horrible.
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An Advocate for Galgos
Galgos, or Spanish greyhounds, are customarily used for hunting in Spain. According to custom, those dogs that do not do well will not be kept for the following year's hunt and are hung by the neck from trees and left to die.
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Interaction with the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering
Correspondence between David Wolf and members of the Florida Division of Pari-Mutuel Wagering.
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JCKC: What You Didn't Know
For those of you that did not already know how bad it is at Jefferson County Kennel Club, aka JCKC, and JCKC owner Steve Andris, let me fill you in. My interaction with Steve Andris goes back almost 20 years. When visiting the Florida State Legislature I would stay at Diane Lithacum's house in Georgia and if we took a short detour we would pass JCKC.
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Live Baiting: Banned in Australia but Not Enforced
I am aware that almost every large city in Australia has a greyhound racetrack. The sport retains a combination of breeders and trainers from backyard to professional. I was very pleased to see that a few organizations popped up in Australia several years ago to deal with greyhound adoption and advocacy. Even so, when you look at the number of greyhounds running compared to those being adopted, the killing must be astronomical.
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2015 Florida Legislative Session: State of FL: 0, Greyhounds: 0
This year the State of Florida had the opportunity to pass two important measures that would help greyhounds during their 60-day legislative session which was set to end on April 30th. One bill would have permitted decoupling which would allow tracks losing money on live racing to end it but continue other forms of gaming. The other would require injury reporting at Florida greyhound racetracks to make the industry more transparent and let everyone know what is actually going on at Florida's tracks.
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Notice About Hemopet
For those of you who don't know, Hemopet is a presumably non-profit animal blood bank holding 200 greyhounds in California run by Dr. Dodds and her husband Charles Berman.
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