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NGAP Greyhounds

"Happily Ever After..." Greyhound Stories


Shadow Shadow

Cricket & Jack

Groovy, now Cricket, came to us as an extremely shy greyhound. She was with us for 4 months, and although she progressed well on thyroid supplement, she was still a shy greyhound. Chronic, now Jack, on the other hand, is a happy and playful one-eyed greyhound. They had been put together in a new home along with a third greyhound and results of their first week with photos are expressed below. This is why greyhound adoption is so fulfilling.

Hi, all!

Well, we've survived the first week quite nicely, everyone seems to be getting along very well. I've had no fights, no posturing, no nothing from the three dogs, they all pretty much do their own thing and more or less hang out together.


Jack is a handful, and I mean that in the most positive way. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to have a new dog in the house. He's curious, friendly, playful and greets everyone who comes in the house. He has gone through all the toys, run like a crazy thing around the house and outside and is just a joy to be around. He also tries to bodyslam me to get through a door, countersurfs if you give him the chance and pokes his nose into absolutely everything. So we're learning off limits areas, how to wait at the door to go outside, how NOT to go out the front door (which is kept locked all the time) and how to drop the food we snitched off the table. He responds wonderfully to commands and has no food aggression, he has actually let me take roast beef right out of his mouth and stops on a dime if you tell him no (comes in handy when he tried to put his nose on the oven. He's starting to respond to his name just a little bit and again, beginning to learn the rules of the house. He doesn't really like the steps, but I'm in no hurry to push him to go upstairs, there's plenty of fun for him on the first floor. We had two marking incidents in the house within the first 15 minutes of getting home and he has not lifted a leg since, nor has he had any accidents. He lets me know when he has to go outside and loves, loves, loves his daily walks. He's fitting in very nicely.

Cricket & Jack

Cricket....well, she has completely surprised all of us. She is still very shy, but except for two little submissive peeing incidents the first morning before she went outside, absolutely no accidents of any kind in the house. She has not peed in front of anyone at all since she's been here, and she's met 6 new people in the last week. She's found a corner of the family room that she loves, as she can hide behind a chair. The first day, she was nosing at my hand when I sat next to her. By day three, she was poking her head up over the arm to see who was coming in and out of the house. She goes for a walk every day with Jack or Houston and her head is up, her tail is relaxed and she's looking at everything the entire time, and not in a fearful way. On Sunday, as I was sitting outside with her and Jack, she came up behind me and licked my ear and nuzzled me. She now sniffs at my hand when I put it out to her and today, she took two treats from me for the very first time (instead of sniffing them and waiting for them to be dropped.) Two greyhound friends came over today (Ann Bradley, whom you met, and another woman) and Cricket let them pet her and, as they were leaving, came out of the family room, through the kitchen and into the front hallway to the front door all on her own and stood by as we talked for a few minutes. She even came up alongside Ann and let her head be petted. So tons of progress with her. She will growl at Jack if he tries to take a treat from her (he's a piglet and wants all the food all the time) which is acceptable, as he needs to learn from both her and me that he may not do that, but I did have to speak sternly to her yesterday, as she growled at Houston when he came near the corner she was laying in.That I do not tolerate, so she had to give up her spot to Houston and we had a firm discussion about how she may not randomly claim parts of the house as her own and would be spending the next hour on a different bed. Which she did. Now that she's beginning to explore the house on her own, this week I'm working on reducing her comfort zones, trying to get her to lay in different spots around the room so she doesn't become attached to one particular place. I want her to feel comfortable in the house, not just in one corner.

Cricket & Houston

Overnights/leaving them during the day have been no problem as well. I'm gating Jack in the laundry room, Cricket in the foyer area between the laundry room and family room, and Houston in the family room proper. Everyone can see everyone else and no one tries to get over a gate, no one cries or barks, everyone is perfectly happy to plop on a bed and take a nap while I'm gone. Again, very good doggie manners from all of them, I'm very happy with how they are adjusting.

On the other hand, I figure in about a month, everyone's manners should go to hell in a handbasket and it will be complete and total anarchy. Probably led by Cricket. It's always the quiet ones you have to watch!

Next week, we're going to try the Bark Park so Jack can have a good, hard run and, if the weather is good, I'm going to try him on a walk around Lake Galena. He should have a blast and he needs leash practice with distractions, so I can start getting him to focus on me, and not the squirrels. And Cricket should enjoy it as well. Houston doesn't do walks longer than a mile, so I'll save the family outing until Chuck can come with me and we can take them in shifts, but they should all have a good time. I'll keep you updated!

Helen Marie Kennedy


Your blurb on Forty was dead on. He is great with our kids, good with our dog, was good with our cat until she passed away. He is 100% a food monger. Only issue we are working with him on. We were used to that as we have a 2-year-old Great Dane.

Erin & Brian Rabe
Virginia Beach, VA



Izzy is starting to feel more at home every day. She's coming out of her reserved shell and seems so happy to be here. We love her very much and are glad she has joined our family. Izzy has become so bold that she is now counter-surfing but takes correction well.

Thank you.

Tina Weinraub



Attached are some recent pictures of Louie our adopted Galgo. Louie has been a part of our family since September 19, 2002. His passport said he was born in July of 1992. So this next Saturday when John celebrates his 97th birthday, we plan a second "carrot" cake for Louie as he celebrates his 18 years. As you can see by the pictures, he hasn't changed much over the years, he still curls up like a pretzel in any small chair, loves to share someone's nap time, hates to go out in the rain (thus the rain coat with hood), and is a ham ready to pose for the camera. He can still run like the wind and enjoys keeping our squirrel population on their guard. He is a continuing joy to us and a great example of the importance of the adoption program at NGAP.

Keep up the good work, we enjoy receiving your emails.

John & Susan Hammons
Searcy, AR


Keira is just a great dog, reminds me of Ferninan, the bull. She'll be at full run in the yard with her buddy down the street and she'll stop dead to watch a butterfly go by. At night she'll do the same with lightning bugs. She is sweet and funny girl. Thank you for her.

Margaret Kane
Upper Darby, PA


Maddie is such a sweetheart. She ever so gently and carefully carries her stuffies to her bed and cuddles them. She doesn't give kisses but instead pokes you with her wet nose. Adorable! She likes to be petted and get up close and cuddly. She rests her head on you and loves being towel-dried after a walk in the rain. She gets these occasional bursts of energy. She also likes to curl up in her crate.

Mindy & Howard Barbakoff
Philadelphia, PA


We picked Woody up after boarding our other three at NGAP. While boarding, Woody and our three were introduced and put into the outdoor run together. I think this helped with what has been a seamless transition. We were most concerned about how Angel would react and she has had no problems. Woody has been a great addition! Once again, thank you for Woody, our lucky #7 adoptee!

Charlie & Claudia Geltz



I have attached a couple of pictures of Diamond in her forever home. We are approaching her one year anniversary of her adoption. She has settled in very nicely with our family, she is one of 'us'! Thank you NGAP for bringing a new loving family member to our home.

Dawn Markee




I will be returning the evaluation forms by USPS, but wanted to send you some pictures of our sweet Bella (formerly known as Jam or Jam It Up) and let you know how she is doing.

Bella came home with us in January. Her major issue was statuing, but you'd never know that to see her walk on a leash today.

Within a couple of weeks, Bella had made herself very comfortable in our home.....

The stairs freaked her out at first. Coming down was more of a challenge than going up. Here's a tip: When teaching your new doggy to master the stairs - take her out to potty before beginning.

Bella very quickly learned two things:

  • the kitchen is the place where good things happen, and
  • looking up with soft loving eyes will usually make those good things happen pretty quickly.

Now that the warmer weather is here, we've been to the dog park lots. She was the tallest doggy there, but one day, Panda showed up! She doesn't (usually) chase balls, but if another dog is chasing the ball, she will run with the other dog. (She's just not sure what is supposed to happen next!)

Her personality with other dogs is interesting - she loves to meet newcomers right at the gate, sniff a bit to say hello, and then she stands up big and tall as if to say, "You can play here, but don't mess with me." Then she's off to walk around the park, say hello to the humans, sniff the little dogs through the fence, and generally have a good time.

The nicer weather also means more treats outside. Here she is enjoying raw chicken wings. I love the way she eats them with her bottom up in the air.

She rarely barks, never jumps, and is very well-mannered. She has also proven to be very trainable. She knows the following words and phrases....

  • wait
  • down
  • leave it!
  • scooty your booty (for when she needs to back up)
  • make puddles (for potty)
  • puppy jail (for when we need to baby gate her into a room for safety sake)
  • shake it puppy (not 100% reliable, but when it does, she will shake herself out)
  • stretchable puppy (not 100% reliable, but when she does this, she will stretch her front legs right out in front of her)

She definitely knows her name, but coming to it seems optional to her.

We love her so much and often talk about how lucky we are to have her in our lives. Thank you so so much for pairing us up with Bella.

Christine Witt
Jeff Darling


Annie is delightful! She has adjusted quickly to her forever home - our 3 cats love her and her sweet personality is really apparent to whoever she meets! We feel blessed to have hound her.

Arlene Spevak
Yardley, PA


Jeter has adapted so well to his new environment and has been a wonderful addition to our family. Each day we love him more and more, and he loves us back! Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

John & Emily Smith
Wynnewood, PA



Winnie is a blessing! It was either her first or second day in our home that she was 'cockroaching'. She has not once had an accident or chewed anything. She fits right in with the family. We all love her so much! She gets the royal treatment - organic food and treats!

Leslie & Brad LeDonne
Springfield, PA



Hi Everyone at NGAP-

I wanted to let everyone know what I have been up to since I left the kennel two weeks ago. First of all, the ride to NY state was fun and very restful. After a few minutes of looking out the window and watching my kennel home slowly disappear from view, I settled down and fell asleep on the nice soft bed my new mom had put down for me in the back of the car. It was a long ride but we stopped for lunch and I had a nice snack and a walk. I was a good boy in the car and waited patiently to see where I was going.

We finally arrived at our destination and Dad was there to greet me and welcome to my forever home. My ears perked up because I kept hearing all this barking and I soon found out where it was coming from as we went through the gate into the fenced yard. I was soon greeted by a yappy little terrier who came barreling out of the back door. We sniffed, wagged our tails and she was off again. But then, one by one, I met my other three greyhound sisters and I thought to myself, “WOW, a harem just for me.” Mom let me off leash and we all ran around and got to know each other. After a little while the girls ran to a door and I followed them right into the house.

This place was full of new and curious things. I kept seeing another greyhound but he wouldn’t come to see me and I would just stare at him for minutes at a time. I have since realized that it was my own reflection in the sliding glass door and windows-silly me! There were a lot counters in the kitchen area and they were full of tasty treats. I soon learned the word “NO” every time I put my paws up there to help myself. Two of my sisters took off and went up these things that seemed to go up in the air. I soon learned they were called stairs and it was a lot of fun to run up and down them. My sisters were very graceful when they climbed them but I was a little more awkward. But now I look just like them as we have races up and down, especially in the morning. Then there was this tree thing on the corner of the breakfast nook and thought, “YIPPEE, indoor plumbing”! I started to use it and I soon heard that “NO” word and was escorted outside. Well, I never did that again!

Mom and Dad say I’m a smart boy and a very quick learner and that I have made myself at home in no time at all. I went to my first Meet & Greet this Saturday and had a ball meeting tons of people and getting lots of hugs and kisses. Speaking of kisses, mom gives me a lot right on the top of my head. If she doesn’t stop she’s going to give me a bald spot right there-and just when my thin spots are growing more and more hair. “GEEZ”.

So I wanted to thank everyone at NGAP for taking care of me, giving me the basics I needed and finding me a GREYT forever home. By the way, Mom and Dad say thanks also and they are so glad I’m here!

Pippin(aka Mitch) and the Narbe family
Newfield, NY

Pippin, Golde, Contessa, and Dulcinea


Dillenger's profile said he showed no interest in toys. A few days after his arrival, I pulled a "squeaky" out of the tou box and showed it to him, squeaking it at him. He gently took it from my hand and proceeded directly to his crate where he deposited it for safe keeping. Throughout the day, I saw Dillenger making his way from toy box to crate, carrying squeakies. At bed time I counted how many were in his crate - 15!!! No hoarding or protective issues though. I remove tham all and he just starts over - DAILY!!!

Four Months Later

Dillenger & Lucas

Dillenger came into our lives in January of 2010, and has brought us nothing but joy from day one. He is the younger brother of Lucas, our four-year-old Whippet, and Kahlua and Martina, our thirteen and fourteen-year-old cats. I expected the cats to hide for a few days, but within an hour of Dillenger’s arrival, they were both sitting a few inches in front of him, looking at him as if he were absolutely no threat whatsoever. And Dillenger’s reaction to the cats was something like, “Oh… hi guys” and then promptly falling asleep. Dillenger and Lucas have quickly become best buds. While Lucas is laid back, Dillenger lends new meaning to the term “40 mph couch potato.” Lucas lived with my Rottweiler, Kylee Marie, until her passing, and has thus become a good watchdog, barking to let us know when someone’s at the door. Dillenger, on the other hand, doesn’t even lift his head let alone bark! As a matter of fact, the first time I ever heard Dillenger bark was last Sunday, when my neighbor walked into my yard. It was a single “woof,” but at least I know that he can bark and what it sounds like. And it only took four months!

Dillenger is reserved when he meets new people, perhaps because he thinks they’ve come to take him away. He never seems afraid, but instead stands at a distance and studies the “dognappers!” Once they leave (without him), he must make a mental note that they’re okay, because upon their return, he greets them with gusto, and sometimes even kisses. Dillenger doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything once he’s familiar with it, and he seems very content with his forever family. About a week after his arrival, I had an acre of my property fenced in for Dillenger (and Lucas) and there is already a dirt track around the perimeter!!! I love to watch them play together and chase each other, and when Dillenger decides to “race” Lucas, I always shout, “Run, Dillenger, run - I don’t care if you win!”

When I put in my application for greyhound adoption, I had no preferences as to color or gender, only that the grey be cat-safe. The day I was approved, Ro Narbe (NY rep for NGAP) called me and said that while there were about forty hounds presently at the kennel, only one was cat-safe. His name was Dillenger. If I didn’t want him, I could wait for a larger selection of cat-friendly dogs, as more would soon be arriving. I looked at his picture on the website and it was love at first sight. I told Ro that if there were only one cat-friendly dog that day, then this was the dog that was meant for me. And we are a perfect match – I am a caregiver and Dilly adores being taken care of! He is the poster dog for excellent behavior during grooming and hygiene. He loves having his coat brushed, his ears cleaned, his nails clipped and his teeth brushed. He even lets me scale his teeth with dental tools! Such an incredible boy…

He loves his walks and also loves to run (on leash) alongside my bike. We’re looking forward to summer, and as I live on Lake Ontario, I’m hoping Dillenger likes the water and kayaks as much as Lucas does. I’ve heard it said over and over that “recycled racers” are fortunate to have families who love them, but no more fortunate than the families whom they love. I know that in our case, I am the luckiest one, because I have the BEST GREYHOUND IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!

Carla Provenzano
Hilton, NY




In Washington, DC there are many people out walking. Joy is always meeting new friends. She is well-mannered and happy. Several people everyday stop us to ask what kind of dog she is and where she came from. People are interested to hear about greyhound rescue. Joy is doing her part in rescuing more of her relatives. She loves to dress up in her pretty collars, leashes and coats. He pride in her appearance draws people to her and makes them greet her with a kind word or smile as they pass us on the sidewalk.

Donna & Heather Shafroth
Washington, DC


Flora has adjusted very well to her new home. We feel so lucky to have her as part of our family! It's taken a few months to really "come out of her shell' but she's now playing with toys as well as our other greyhound! She's a wonderful fit and thank you for picking her out for us - she's perfect and we love her!

Flora instantly bonded to our 5-year-old daughter. They play hide-and-seek and ring-around-the-rosie! We are extremely pleased. She couldn’t fit into our family any easier.

The Adamson Family
Conesus, NY



Mouse is a very high-quality dog: we feel very honored to have been accepted into your program. Your employees are very kind and professional. Thank you for allowing us to now have a wonderful new friend.

David Ayers
Elkton, MD

Queen Bee

"Queen" Bee has become a cherished member of our family. We had to have our 12 year old Irish Setter (Aidan) put to sleep last night because of severe bladder problems and paralysis in his hind quarters. Despite his condition - Queen Bee almost never messed in the house and liked to try to play with him. She has really been a comfort during this time. We were going to rename her Elizabeth but this morphed into Queen and she is now Queen Bee.

She is a very, very smart dog, very loving and usually obedient. We do give her rawhide chews and occasionally she gets mixed up and chews something leather that she shouldn't but she is very willing to please and seems to understand when she messes up.

She is also not at all the shy beta dog we thought she would be. She has become very confident and used to actually take the top dog position at feeding time etc. with Aidan. She also wants to be with us all the time which is what we love. She also barks occasionally and we think she is a better watch dog than we expected.

Our backyard fence is old and part of it belongs to another neighbor. We are afraid she may challenge the fence so we are still walking her on a lead - not letting her run. We plan to fix the part of the fence we can fix and perhaps build a running pen for her in spring.

We plan to take her with us on our vacation to New England in the spring and may wish to adopt another friend for her this summer.

We do have photos of her that are a lot of fun and will forward separately.

Thank you so much for bringing joy to our family.

Nancy & Jerry Nicholson
Ewing, NJ


Thank you for giving us the sweetest dog we have ever met! He fits right in with the family.

Jarrod Sprecher & Carly Sensenig
Wernersville, PA


Gracie would be a great poster dog. She is ridiculously friendly, approaching everyone she sees. Extremely gentle, kid affectionate and playful. One of my friends wants a greyhound now after meeting Gracie!

The Undercofler Family
Wayne, PA


To all my friends at Dutton Road,

Life is good. Here are a few pictures of my new life. I figured everyone is wondering What happened to Mo ???

  • I get up at 6:30
  • Go out to my fenced in yard
  • Check if Spring is almost here
  • My new mom is preparing my food
  • My mentor Scooby than gets up slowly he is older than I
  • We eat in separate rooms because I really love food
  • By afternoon I walk with my family
  • Get a treat in the afternoon
  • Play a little more
  • Monitor my property
  • Make sure my raw bone is in place for later
  • Dinner comes soon
  • Play with my brothers Scooby and Jacob
  • They Love me again before bedtime and tell me how good I was today
  • Bed (living my dream)

That is what has been going on in my life (Best is yet to come)

In the beginning I had a few accidents but they realized I am just a puppy
I am figuring out the steps from my mentor Scooby
I am fine with my alone time because I know they are coming back

> Mo


Dear NGAP,

Thank you so much for bringing Tuffie into our lives. Tuffie is a very loving and energetic greyhound. She is always enticing us to play with her and loves to play tug-of-war with her squeaker toys and unfortunately our hands (we are working on that). She is also an escape artist - over the past few months she somehow has unlocked and ‘escaped’ her crate on several occasions. The good news is every time this has happened the house has been fine upon our return, with the exception of the laundry and shoe collection in her bed, and the subtle Tuffie imprint on the sofa cushions of course. We now allow her free reign of the house, so I guess she knew better than we did.

She plays very well with all of the other dogs at the dog park and loves car rides to grandma & grandpa’s house for Tuesday night dinners. We could go on and on about how greyt she is, but I’m sure you hear that all the time from greyhound parents. We can’t thank you enough for the joy that you have brought us and look forward to many years of Tuffieness.

Many thanks,

Brad & Tammy
Gilbertsville PA



My new son is doing just fine. He is very smart and is a good looking 2-year-old fellow. He never peed one drop in the house, immediately learned the doggy door, stairs, his bed place and his new name - Willie. Yesterday, he came to me crying. When I came to the bedroom I saw that Prince (my other greyhound) was lying down on Willie's pillow. So I restored the order and Willie was happy. Just can't say enough about those angels.

Mark Krichever


Tracer & Fey

Dear All,

First, we’d like to report that Tracer and Fey are the most lovely dogs in the world! Though there have been a few bumps during the adjustment process (‘accidents’ and minor chewing incidents), all-in-all, it’s been easier than we expected it would be.

Life is greyt,

Stu Malcolm


Fezzik has really settled in. He enjoys when we have friends over (he, of course, figured out that good stuff comes from the kitchen!) He will now Sit and Down on command, walks well on the leash (always has), he is doing well with the stay command. He LOVES to ride in the car and we take him along every chance we get. He also loves to go on walks at parks and on hiking trails. He seems to enjoy this more than dog parks. He and our cats do great and he has not been crated since about two weeks after we got him. After we got carpet pieces, he mastered the stairs quickly.

We just LOVE him! Thank you!

Paula & Ron Lehman



NGAP staff,

We rescued Sunshine in November 2009 and her name, which we kept, is just perfect for our new family member. Sunshine is a happy, spirited, and loving dog. She is learning new commands all the time and is so eager to please. Sunshine loves to run our backyard and found this winter's snow intriguing but fun. She is a true joy to have in our home and brings us nothing but happiness.


Thanks for your help in matching us with the perfect dog,

Heather and Robert Graff



We adopted Scooby on Feb. 7th, 2010 after having to put down our 13 year old Grey, Bess. He was very easy and friendly to begin with, but after a month with us, he is even more lovable!! He doesn't take or mess with anything that isn't his (except for the occasional stuffed animal!) and doesn't need to be corrected more than once for anything that's "off limits". He just LOVES his walks and running laps around our backyard. Scooby has adopted our son's room ( our son has moved out on his own) for napping, and adores to be hugged and cuddled!! He is truely a gentle giant! Thank you for allowing us to adopt Scooby!!!

Thank you,

Lisa & Charles Klein
Huntingdon Valley, PA



Danger is doing wonderful in our home. We were nervous when we first got the call because there was no description of him on the website and we just had to trust that the placement coordinator had picked a good match for us. We came out to meet him and took him for a walk and he was great. Very low key and quiet - but that was ok with us as we have a very high strung 4-year-old weimaraner, Grayce. The final test was to see if Grayce and Danger got along - and when they met it was like they always knew each other..they did a quick butt sniff and everything was fine. It is actually the best introduction I have seen between two dogs...Grayce usually reacts slightly with her hair standing up but not at all with Danger.

His first week with us he just slept, barely got off his dog bed or made a peep. Now as soon as we open our eyes in the morning (and sometimes even before) we are greeted by Danger's wagging tail and what we call his "morning roo". We get the same greeting when we come home from work. I'm not sure if its because he knows its feeding time or because he's happy to see up..but I like to think its because he is happy to see us. He could not be a better match for Grayce. He fit right in and there honestly have been no scuffles or arguments...maybe a few growls over a bone here and there. Grayce is a brat that will steal any toy Danger picks up right from him..but he doesnt seem to mind and will happily take another toy. No problems with him and the cats-although we are still cautious and muzzle him if he is unsupervised with them. We absolutely love him and can't thank you enough for picking him to be a part of our lives. I can't imagine a better match.

Jamielynn Storch & Matthew Mroczkowski
Westmont, NJ



We love Cabry. She has a wonderful reputation among the neighborhood kids who love to say 'hi' when we take walks. She loves hiking and walking our son to school. We are trying to volunteer with 'Paws for People' therapy dogs. Thanks so much!

Jacquelyn & Matthew Finn
Wallingford, PA




Talkin is not a 'normal' greyhound! She TALKS! She whines and cries loudly when we come home (even to the point when she hears the car alarm set.) If my husband or I are already home and one of us comes through the door she barks LOUDLY! She's a great 'watchdog' and 'talker'!

Art & Debbie Poole
Wesley Chapel, FL




Hi there!

So sorry this is WAY over due, and it's hard to believe that we adopted Hawk a year ago! Hawk is the most loving lil' rascal ever! His favorite things to do are to be outdoors, explore, & dig! He's friendly with everyone he meets & gets along great with his little sister, Squizzle, who's a whippet & a 1/3 of his size! He goes with us just about everywhere we go (where dogs are permitted), including to the shore & camping in the Poconos, which he REALLY loves! During the summer, he loves to go swimming to cool off on warm days, which we're really looking forward to soon! He has quite a strong will, but is very eager to please & has learned to "come", to "sit", and to "go lay down" & understands those expressions very well. The best is at night, when after a long walk & a hearty dinner, he rolls over to have his belly rubbed & head scratched & he looks back at you with such a contented, happy look, & makes an effort to sit back up & kiss your face.

Hawk has brought so much joy to our lives & I hope we're doing justice by him. He continues to be healthy & just got all of his shots updated. He's so well tempered & loving that he's even inspired our priest to consider adopting a greyhound.

Wishing you all the best for all the good works you do & thank you for giving us such a wonderful, loving, affectionate, vivacious dog!

God bless all of you!
Lauren Walters


Chase has a lot of energy and loves to play. He seems really happy here. Considering it has only been two weeks, he is adjusting nicely to his new home. We are very happy with him – it was love at first sight! Thank you!

The Martin Family



At this time, we are loving Wall-e. He is funny and quirky. He is a barker which is good. He seems to be a watchdog. Our late Rocky did not bark. Wall-e likes to steal socks and brushes. He takes them into his cage and sits on them to hide them. We have to watch his every move! He did consume a hair scrunchie but threw it up in one piece.

Tom & Trish Repetski



This dog gave me a new lease on life. She is so wonderful. I can’t imagine anyone would bring her back, but it was their loss and my wonderful gain. I truly love her.

Aerial loves her belly rubs and she loves to go to work with me and greet all the customers – they all love her! I can’t imagine my house without her, she truly is a wonderful dog. We all love her dearly. Thanks again for picking a winner!

Lynn Mullery



I am sending you a picture of Macarena on her 14th birthday. I want to thank you for your help in allowing us to adopt her when she was 2 ½ years old. She is so special, she’s our angel. She loves people. She is having trouble with her back legs but she still loves to go for walks and greet the neighbors, gets very upset if no one is around.

Your program and adoptions are the best. Hope to send you Macarena’s 15th birthday picture.

Kathy Mangini
Erie, PA



Hi everyone,

We just wanted to share our happy news...Minnie Moore turned 12 years old today!!! Hurray!!!

There was a point a few months ago where we were afraid she wouldn't see this day because of a heart problem she was having, but thanks be to God, our vets, the cardiologist, and the medicine that is working well, she is still with us and back to herself again.

We still remember when Gay Latimer was working on finding the right dog for us and she said, "they've got this fawn female up in Philly that loves to give kisses." All these years later, Minnie still loves to give kisses.

We haven't had much sunshine lately, but we were able to get a couple of pics anyway. We were looking at an old picture from when Minnie was only two, and we scanned it for comparison to now. Isn't it lovely how we never notice when some things change...we just love them even more. Well, I'm making myself cry so I'll stop and just send you some pics.

Thanks for celebrating with us! And thanks for sending Minnie to us...seems like only yesterday.

Lori, Tom, Chloe, Minnie, and Timmy Moore

Minnie-Then & Now


Maggie has been an absolute joy in our home. Who knew owning a dog was so easy? She is walked twice a day – and is still the talk of the neighborhood. We’ve introduced her to the extended family and she is a model greyhound around company.

This is our first greyhound, so some interesting surprises:

  • Affectionate!!
  • Loves baths and gets juiced up by them. Was bathing part of her pre-race routine? She loves a bath and runs around the house when she’s clean.
  • Halloween was a treat! The neighborhood kids love her and her pink tutu.

The Hershey Family



My husband and two grown kids think it’s so funny how Sereno will howl when I’m not here - that he knows I’m his person and he could care less if one of them isn’t here.

Sereno has also taken a liking to looking at himself in the oven door and cocking his head from side to side.

A Few Months Later....

Sereno has adjusted beautifully in his forever home. He is such a wonderful 'goofball', he fits right in! He makes me laugh EVERY DAY. My husband Michael says we have more toys now than when our two grown kids were small. Sereno loves his stuffies! At least once a day he is known to treat us to his famous spinning show. I swear that boy is going to spin right into the air he goes so fast!

Anytime the doorbell rings Sereno is sure it's for him! He loves everyone, especially kids. If a robber comes to our house, he's leaving with everything and a lot of kisses from Sereno. Now that Spring has finally arrived in NE PA and the snow is gone from our yard, we have discovered we have quite a digger on our hands. He is working on a huge excavation in our backyard. It's quite impressive. I am truly blessed to have Sereno in my life!

Thank you NGAP!

Dawn Comparetta
Dunmore, PA



Cruiser is a total love-sponge and Velcro puppy. He also loves to chase squirrels and shake his toys. Cruiser is also an accomplished thief! The other night he stole a whole roll from the counter while I was standing next to it! I never even realized it until I went to serve the roll! I call him my ‘Cruisin’ Buddy’ and my ‘Cruisin’ Thief’.

The Stapleford Family

Miss Quickly

Miss Quickly

Dear NGAP,

We wanted to take a moment and thank you or all of the wonderful work that you do. We are coming up on our two year anniversary of losing our first greyhound (Stormy) to cancer and then adopting our second (Quickly f/k/a Yacky). We will always miss Stormy, he was our calm-wonderful-beautiful boy who was more like a person than a dog. There still is not a day that goes by that we don't think of him. Quickly was instantly our girl and is the perfect "sibling" for our young son. She is our wacky girl who is the biggest love. She is like having a comedian in the house, only there is no cover charge!

We have attached a few pictures that we wanted to share. Twice you have helped us complete our family and for that we will be forever grateful.

The Herr Family

Miss Quickly
Sarah & Caitlyn Rose

Maggie & Sarah

These are greyhounds #7 and #8 for us! We are just so happy with them! The only real problem we have with both 'the girls' is how overly happy they get every time anyone comes in the house or yard. It's embarrassing! And sometimes painful! No amount of reminders about 'gentle greetings' works all the time. These dogs are such loves and are great with our grand kids. Please thank Barbara for matching us up with them!

Tim & Loraine Bowman
Talleyville, DE

Maggie & Caitlyn Rose
Gem & Zinedine


Gem is a very sweet dog. However, maybe we should have named her Princess because she doesn't like to get her feet wet and the first time she went in our bedroom, she hopped up onto the bed as if to say, "This is where I should sleep." We love her and we think she loves us, too!

Pat & Rich Zema
Doylestown, PA



Crunch likes to herd us all into the same room. For some reason, Crunch likes his humans all to be in the same room at night watching TV before he will lay on his living room pillow. Then he plops down and gives this big contented sigh and goes to sleep.

Gary & Patricia Rose
West Chester, PA



Star loves to stretch out on the couch - sometimes she even wedges her way on an inadvertently pushes us off! She also loves to play with socks, t-shirts and washcloths....and sometimes even her own toys!

Jon Culp & Lindsay Dover
West Chester, PA

Chuck & Tina


Tina is absolutely the sweetest girl ever. She and out 10-year-old pug, Chuck, adore each other. She actually whines if she can't find him. She makes us laugh everyday, especially when she gets a case of the 'zoomies'. From what I have learned on the internet, that is the term for the bursts of energy. When she does that there is no stopping her and she also 'smiles', I mean seriously smiles, when she gets excited. Chuck just stares at her like she is crazy. It is the funniest thing. Watching her run the backyard is amazing also. She is so graceful. It is a beautiful sight.

Tina is also a collector of things. She goes around the house and collects things to put in her bed. One time she had eleven stuffies (including all of Chuck's and the stuffed animals on my daughters bed), two shoes, and was in the process of dragging a winter sweater of mine down the hall to add to her collection when I saw her. She sleeps surrounded by them until sometime in the night she sneaks up on our bed. We wake up every morning with long legs all over us and usually to one of her beautiful 'smiles'. We love out Tina!!!!!!! She was the perfect match for our family. You did a great matchmaking job!!!!!

The Behrens Family



Lover is doing very well! She is really happy and full of energy. She gets along great with our other dog, Ted, LOVES people but is a little shy with other dogs until she has a chance to warm up to them. She is a pro on the stairs but still has a little trouble on our laminate kitchen floor. We put down a runner for her to walk on in there. She loves to go for walks, and she LOVES to run in the yard until she just can't run anymore! Her favorite treat is a kong filled with peanut butter and she loves her chew toys. I think the best part of her day is when we get home from work - her excitement can hardly be contained! We love her and are so glad to have her in our home and hearts!

Dusca & Steve Fichtel
Pottstown, PA



Style and I enjoy long walks twice a day. She likes to play ball and race around my backyard. She has learned to accept and even play with small dogs! In the evening we relax with the Dog Whisperer.

Style has brought the joy and love only a dog can give back to my life! Thank you Kelly, Scarlett & Jade!

Diane Baran
Philadelphia, PA


Tom & Bandit

Bandit is doing good and has adapted really well. He learned how to do stairs in just over a day, has been very good with using the bathroom outside for the most part (only 2 small accidents), absolutely LOVES people! I attached some photos of his past excursions this week (hope you can view them ok) that I thought you might enjoy including a trip to the pet store, Memorial Day parade, hiking at Watkins Glen, a couple off the leash runs at a fenced in ball park (which he's not really interested in running), and I took him to meet pretty much everyone in my family. And as no surprise, Bandit likes to find the softest spot in the house and snooze for hours. We all love him here, just need to work on his separation anxiety a little bit when someone leaves the house. Aside from that Bandit has fallen right into place as a member of our household!

Tom Babiarz
Big Flats, NY

Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu #6811 is settling into her new home. She and Jaycie #6419 are getting to know each other. She has been terrific with the cats. She is extremely skittish around people...even me. She is starting to let me pet her but she does not yet seek affection from me. We are taking it slow. I'm sure she will come around eventually. She is a beauty! And what great fun to see her and Jaycie romping together in the yard or sleeping together on the big pillow wherethey are right now. I look forward to seeing you one Sunday afternoon. Take care and thanks again!

Janet Middleton



Two Weeks After...

Zippy is doing great! She has conquered stairs, driving in cars, meeting new people. She has had NO accidents in the house! We love her! Thanks Bobby, Megan, Donna and everyone for your help adopting Zippy!!!

Three Months Later...

Zippy has been a joy! She loves going to work with Lou, riding in the car, going to the dog park & taking walks with us both. She went to other people’s homes and was a perfect lady! We love her!

Lou & Nan Grimaldi



Dear Mr. Wolf, Barbara & staff,

We adopted Trey, "E's Double Trey" back in Jan. 2009. What a terrific addition to our family he has been. Except for his counter surfing and endless quest for food, we couldn't have asked for a better fit with our family. He has only had one accident in the house. I believe he was marking his territory. He is immaculate and lets us know when he needs to go out. He has mastered the stairs in a day and is the most loving, velcro greyhound we have ever had. He is a tall and a handsome dark brindle boy. He is the tallest greyhound I have ever seen. We have cars stop and people admire him when we are walking. Trey is wonderful on a leash and is very keen without being aggressive. He travels well in our SUV and enjoyed walking on the beach this weekend. We are working on the counter surfing. He actually stands on both legs to reach things. What a site to see this tall greyhound. He looks human. He is learning that it is not desirable behavior and that when I am cooking it's not always for him, lol. He takes correction well.

Tom and I would like to thank you for allowing us to share our lives with him. He loves his new home and family and we adore and love him. He has filled a void since Troy and Jack's passing.

Mary Jayne & Tom Corley

Jasmine - A Feel Good Story

Jasmine & Friends

In 2003, police in Warwickshire, England, opened a garden shed and found a whimpering, cowering dog. It had been locked in the shed and abandoned. It was dirty and malnourished, and had clearly been abused.

In an act of kindness, the police took the dog, which was a greyhound female, to the nearby Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary, run by a man named Geoff Grewcock and known as a willing haven for animals abandoned, orphaned or otherwise in need.

Geoff Grewcock and the other sanctuary staff went to work with two aims: to restore the dog to full health, and to win her trust. It took several weeks, but eventually both goals were achieved.

They named her Jasmine, and they started to think about finding her an adoptive home.

The dog had other ideas. No-one remembers now how it began, but Jasmine started welcoming all animal arrivals at the sanctuary. It wouldn't matter if it was a puppy, a fox cub, a rabbit or, probably, a rhinoceros, Jasmine would peer into the box or cage and, where possible, deliver a welcoming lick.

Geoff Grewcock relates one of the early incidents. "We had two puppies that had been abandoned by a nearby railway line. One was a Lakeland Terrier cross and another was a Jack Russell Doberman cross. They were tiny when they arrived at the centre and Jasmine approached them and grabbed one by the scruff of the neck in her mouth and put him on the settee. Then she fetched the other one and sat down with them, cuddling them."

"But she is like that with all of our animals, even the rabbits. She takes all the stress out of them and it helps them to not only feel close to her but to settle into their new surroundings.

"She has done the same with the fox and badger cubs, she licks the rabbits and guinea pigs and even lets the birds perch on the bridge of her nose."

Jasmine, the timid, abused, deserted waif, became the animal sanctuary's resident surrogate mother, a role for which she might have been born. The list of orphaned and abandoned youngsters she has cared for comprises five fox cubs, four badger cubs, 15 chicks, eight guinea pigs, two stray puppies and 15 rabbits.

Jasmine & Bramble

And one roe deer fawn. Tiny Bramble, 11 weeks old, was found semi-conscious in a field. Upon arrival at the sanctuary, Jasmine cuddled up to her to keep her warm, and then went into the full foster mum role. Jasmine the greyhound showers Bramble the roe deer with affection and makes sure nothing is matted in her fur.

"They are inseparable," says Geoff Grewcock. "Bramble walks between her legs and they keep kissing each other. They walk together round the sanctuary. It's a real treat to see them."

Jasmine will continue to care for Bramble until she is old enough to be returned to woodland life. When that happens, Jasmine will not be lonely. She will be too busy showering love and affection on the next orphan or victim of abuse.


The NGAP office loves to hear from our new adopters. It gives us a chance to confirm how well Barbara profiles the dogs. Casey aka Flirt is true to her profile.

She truly loves people to fuss over her and eagerly greets people when the doorbell rings. Cesey's owner Rosemary Hoban agrees that her sweet fawn is very curious about her new surroundings. She loves to chase the rabbits in her fenced-in yeard, but the dog next door scares her a bit. When that happens she runs to the backdoor to be let in so she can play inside with her toys. But being the curious dog that she is, she is not afraid to go back outdoors again!

Rosemary Hoban



We received a wonderful follow-up report from Icon's adopters - Marie and Matthew Wufus. Icon is already spoiled with a bed in every room and quickly learned sharing the bed with his new owners is greyt! He adjusted quickly to stairs, housebraking, neighborhood children and even Shilo the cat.

Icon's favorite new discovery is the car; it takes him to the best places to have fun. He loves going to the dog park, wading in the local creek and going to the horse stables, where he loves to run up and down visiting the horses.

When he has to stay home he seems to understand that he will be crated. It is a great time to rest up and then listen for the sound of the car. And speaking of sounds, Icon loves to follow the vacuum cleaner!

Another happy ending... or should we say beginning!

Marie and Matthew Wufus



Bella has been a wonderful addition to our family. She gets along well with Fiero and Angel (also from NGAP) and loves everyone. She is very gentle and loves to be hugged and cuddled. We could not be happier! Mr. Wolf would find this particularly interesting: Several days after we adopted Bella, we checked her pedigree on-line. We were shocked to discover that Bella’s great-grandfather was “Willie Hondo”, who was also father the Cameo, the first greyhound we adopted from NGAP in April 1994. We are convinced that Bella was meant to come and be part of our family. She really is a specialBella girl!

Charles & Claudia Geltz


Dear NGAP,


We adopted Rocky into our home in August 2008. He is just the sweetest pooch ever. He is quite the ladies man, as my daughters and I are always kissing him. In the photos he is sunning himself on the deck, and relaxing in his bed. He is spoiled by all of us, and loves every minute of it. We feel so good to know that we rescued him and gave him a loving home.


Chuck, Rita, Melissa and Emily Greene

Paddy 3


Pappy, renamed Paddy by new owner Jen Carey, was one of the greyhounds acquired by NGAP from the Animal Medical Center. He was ultimately released after approximately five years of confinement but only because we threatened litigation. Unless the AMC reads this information, they may never know that Paddy spent his first free night at our kennel here at NGAP. Paddy’s story has a good ending. We wish every blood donor story had a good ending. Here are the comments from owner, Jen Carey:

Paddy is doing great in his new home and is a wonderful addition for us. He is becoming very secure and confident with his new home and his friends in it. He really enjoys cookie time before bed and becomes extremely excited for mealtime. One of Paddy's greatest attributes is his HUGE smiles. He lifts his upper lip so high that his nose scrunches up. He has started snapping while smiling because he is so excited. Snapping in a good way. You are also unable to go anywhere in the house without a Paddy Boy right behind you. He is very curious to see where you may go and if there will be another bed for him there. (Of course there always is) He makes us smile every day. I have no doubts that he is very happy with where he calls home now, and so are we.

Jen Carey
New York

Beverly Hills

I am very happy with Beverly Hills – she is a very precious dog and I am proud to own her and provide her with a loving home. She deserves it. She is learning how to be a regular dog and enjoying all the comforts of “Home Sweet Home”.

Thank you very much,

Donna M. Kowalski
New Jersey


Comet (aka Ernie)

Comet loves to play outside! He loves throwing his squeaky toys in the air & catching them! He fetches the squeaky ball! He loves to run in circles (like the track, I guess!) He loves his walks and he loves to sniff! He loves to rest when he is done playing!

Daniel & Jeanine Leaverton

Magic Man

Hi to All at NGAP!

Sorry it has taken a little longer than we would have liked to get this report to you. It has been a very hectic holiday combined with illness and birthdays!

Magic has been excellent! If we had known what incredibly great dogs greyhounds are we would have adopted years ago. The first day we brought Magic home our grandchildren had to come see him, as they could not wait! They are 8yrs, 4yrs and 9 mos old. He was great with them and also everyone he came in contact with.

The only challenges we have had are his dislike of his crate, learning to climb up and down steps, walking around the neighborhood, housebreaking and being a little stubborn at times. Most of the time he just loves to sleep in one of his three beds.

Magic Man & Jackson

He is getting to know who his Mommy and Daddy are and follows us around the house like Velcro. We shower him with love all the time and he loves massages. He likes to “collect” shoes or any item he can carry to his bed. We have started to give him more freedom and are letting him out of his crate a little at a time. We took him to meet his new cousin “Jackson”, who is a 9 wk old border collie puppy belonging to our Son and Daughter-in-law. He was so great with him, as you can see in the photos we sent along.

We left Magic for the first time for a full day gated in the kitchen. Daddy came home to find that Magic had somehow managed to knock down the gate and climbed the steps to the rooms upstairs to leave us a present! This is amazing considering he will not budge when we try to help him negotiate the stairs.

We are looking forward to many happy and healthy years with Magic. He is a wonderful part of our family.


Gina, Jimmy & Magic Toy



Two weeks later...

We took Star to our local dog park last Saturday. She loved being around other dogs and being off her leash in the fence. All the dogs would play well and even playfully chase each other. Well she loved this and got running right away. At one point she was standing next to us when two large breed dogs were chasing each other at least 50 yards away. She saw them and caught up with them in no time. The only thing was that she didn’t slow down and plowed right into them. They all tumbled and got muddy. I was worried at first but they all got right up wagging their tails. The other dog owner even yelled ‘Awesome!’ Once we saw all was well, we all had a good laugh. It looked just like a Nascar crash.

Three months later…

Star is a wonderfully sweet dog! We have really enjoyed seeing her get comfortable with us these past few months. She likes to be outside and especially loves car rides with the windows down. Star recently ventured up a carpeted and found them to be easy. But she still won’t navigate our wood stairs unless absolutely necessary, and even then with much whining. We are hoping to be able to fence in part of our backyard this summer. Until then, many trips to the dog park. We are happier than we had imagined with our greyhound and we recommend greyhound adoption to anyone who will listen.

Pete & Janet Wegman


Miley has really come into her own even after a few days of filling out these forms! She just loves running around in our backyard, circling our trampoline and playing ‘tag’ with me. She’s also at ease at the soccer field now, with the ‘strange’ kids, soccer balls, etc. What a difference a few days make! I’ll email pictures soon.

Great job with matching us up with a wonderful dog! We are thrilled with her and look forward to adopting one more in the near future (6 months or so.)

Thanks again!

Marissa Beasley
New Jersey


We have seen a big improvement this past week in Nova. When our alarm would go off in the morning, she would tear out of the bedroom. Now, she comes around to my side of the bed (where the alarm is) to greet me when it goes off. She sleeps on her soft doggie bed every night. She comes into the living room and lays now when we are in there.

We had trouble getting her to eat in the kitchen. We have stainless steel bowls in an elevated holder. It seems she was afraid of the holder. We did away with that for awhile. Will try later. No problems now.

My husband took her for a ride today while I ran the sweeper (she’s deathly afraid of it.) She panicked the whole time they were gone. I guess more frequent rides (it had been a week).

Still no accidents in the house. She lets us know when she needs to go out and will bark when she sees or hears something strange. Our other greyhound never barked. She also likes to chew on things. I have lots of snowmen sitting around on the floor. She has her own stuffed animals, but seems to prefer mine. She also has several chew toys and a large bone. She loves to play.

Overall, things have gone pretty well. She may always startle over some noises, but is getting used to some everyday sounds. She is a joy and has helped us in our loss of our beloved Pretty Girl - #2941 who was ours for a little over 12 wonderful years.

Thanks for the great match-up.

Connie & Terry Landis



I am very happy with Sweety and she seems to be happy here in my home with me and my daughter. Her playfulness and joy add warmth to our house.

Pauline Annunziata
Brooklyn, NY


Lexie is a loving girl who loves affection, running, and sleeping in her soft bed. Believe it or not, it took her two months to figure out that it was hers to sleep on!

Lexie loves everyone and every dog she meets and is greatly offended if they don’t want to play with her. She is a big favorite in the neighborhood.

Amy Quinn
Malvern, PA

Hello from Maggie and Hestia!

Maggie & Hestia

Just to let you all know, Maggie (you would never recognize her now) who was so shy when she first came home she would not even go outside - period! You now can't keep her inside. She LOVES long walks that we do daily!! And yes, her self esteem has picked right up!!  She now stands near the treat jar and looks at me for a treat!!!

Hestia, our newest member, 12-year-old returned greyhound, looks great. She has put on weight, and has discovered she likes to listen to NPR during the day...who knew!! For a 12-year-old she walks with us on our long strolls and LOVES to run around in the fenced in park!!! She can play with the best/youngest of them!! And what an eater!!!! 

We are planning on having a very lazy weekend full of long walks and probably a trip to walk/run at Valley Forge!!!  I am sad to see that Harry, Hestia's friend whom she lived with, has not been adopted yet. I hope he finds a home soon!  I pray for all of your greyhounds but especially the seniors!!! They are the best!!!  Thanks again, the girls say hello!!!

Angie Koeneker
Philadelphia, PA

Timmy Moore

Timmy Moore

Timmy is just a wonderful dog! He is full of joy and exuberance and his tail never stops wagging, even when he’s lying down. He is a true velcro dog and wants to be wherever we are. He loves to greet each person in the morning while they’re still in bed and then runs and pounces on his toys. Timmy gets along great with our girl, Minnie, and they’ve become good friends. He’s super silly and makes us laugh every day. We’re very glad to have him, and we believe he’s very glad to have us.

Timmy turned three years old on July 23rd.

Thanks so much,
Tom & Lori Moore
Woodford, VA


Rory. Two Weeks After...

Rory is slowly coming out of her shell. She will play with her stuffies and loves to collect shoes and put them in her bed. She has never chewed them, she just lays on them.

On her first day home, she had no idea what to do on grass, so after 9 hours of taking her out, she finally got that she was to go potty in the grass.

We crated her the first night and she did fine. The next day she discovered the couch and fell in love with it. She lives downstairs and hasn't tried the stairs yet.

Rory and Benson

Rory is still submissive at times, but not very often. She is on her way of becoming a happy hound.

Thank you,
Mary Hawk

Three Months Later...

I've sent two new pictures of Rory; one she is in her fleece coat and the other she is just chilling on the couch.

Rory has adjusted well to being the "queen" of the house. Once in a while she will have a piddle accident. She is no longer submissive and she loves car rides.

We are so happy that Rory found her forever home with us.

Mary & Ed Hawk

Greyhound Karma-The Story of Molleigh

Molleigh 1

On the 23rd of May in 1998, I adopted my first greyhound from NGAP. Molly, a.k.a. "Slippy's Molly" had broken her hock and was recovering. Being in the veterinary field, my local rep, Gay Latimer, felt I would be able to handle her medical needs.

On March 13, 2008, my beautiful Molly passed away. She was 12 ½ years old. I was not going to get another dog, so I thought:) But something was missing in the house.

On May 12, 2008, I just happened to go to the NGAP website to browse. As I scrolled through the photos, my heart fluttered when I saw this red fawn, 2 ½-year-old girl named "Molly."

Molleigh 2

"No way!" I thought as my co-workers egged me on to call and ask about her and see if she had been cat tested.

So, the karma to my story is that exactly 10 years to the weekend I got another beautiful Molly who I hope to have for more than the 10 years I was blessed to have Molly #1. We have named are new girl "Molleigh" – the name is the same but it will be individual for her.

I also would like to than Mr. Wolf. Over the years, I have called to get medical advice on the hounds and he was always willing to speak with me. Our veterinary hospital is 'greyhound educated' thanks to Molly #1 and NGAP.

Thank you,

Carol Morris
Virginia Beach, VA



I can't begin to tell you how great Garrett is doing!  From the first 15 minutes that he arrived until now, 6 months later, he has been just the perfect addition to our family.  It is like he has lived with us for years.  He is our 4th greyhound (2 of which are no longer with us) and is the only dog that has never had an accident in the house.  He 'dances and smiles' to get into his crate because he knows that he will get a biscuit no matter how many times he is put in during a day.  He follows us from room to room when we are working around the house. He likes to go outside and run with his brother, Raider. He loves to eat ice cubes.  Whenever we get ice out of the freezer, he comes running.

  I believe that his former owner said the she returned him because he was 'aggressive with his food'.  I don't know exactly what she is referring to but he is rambunctious at feeding time and is very anxious to eat.  Since he is a big boy, I have to take care that he does not jump on me.  He could easily cause me to loose my balance!  He does not snap at me, which is what I would think of as aggression, but clearly eating his one of his favorite things.  He can also get pushy at the back door.  Sometimes I have to hold him back because he runs in so fast that he knocks his brother out of the way. 

 I tell everyone what great pets these dogs are.  I have never once regretting choosing greyhounds as pets. 

In closing, I can only say that I am so sorry that Garrett was returned from his first home but it was really their loss and our gain.  We just love him to pieces!!! 


Cathy & Rich Coggins
Kingsville MD 21087


Riley Gryhound

We wanted to thank you for allowing us to give Riley a home. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is great with our three children, ages 8, 5, and 2. She is also great with our cat, Lokei.

We have been able to leave her out of her crate when we leave now. She also has plenty of socializing with other dogs. We go on a walk once a week with a dog group, participate once a month with Meet & Greets and give her the opportunity to play at a six acre dog park. For a retired racer she still has a lot of energy to run. She socializes well with all dogs, small dogs or large dogs.

We are glad we adopted her and she has adjusted well to our busy household. Greyhounds definitely make "greyt" pets.

The Darnsteadt Family




  • Food
  • His mommy
  • Toys
  • Long Walks


  • Little dogs
  • Being left along

By All!!!

The Skirpan Family



Sasha has learned to go up our stairs. She flies up and down. She is a very good dog. She is very good with our two-year-old (very patient). She fits into our family and we could not imagine life without her. Thank you NGAP for giving us this wonderful dog. When we are ready for another one we know where to go. Thanks to everyone who volunteers, without you these adoptions would not be possible.

The Levengood Family



Flower has settled in nicely. She LOVES to lounge in the pool! We're trying to coax her in to swim, but that hasn't happened yet. She's caught four rabbits in our backyard, much to my next-door-neighbor's pleasure (he has a veggie garden - I don't). Flower and Duke play and when she gets wound up she TEARS around the backyard. Our neighbors are smitten with her! She's a good girl! Loves fuzzy, squeaky toys and my sneakers and flip-flops (she just takes them but does not chew them.) She's Randy's girl!

Pat and Randy Wolf


Dear NGAP,

Thank you so much for Donna, or Lady as we are calling her now! Lady is a beautiful dog and we absolutely adore her. She has come so far in three weeks and she is already a daddy's girl.

She can be such a ham sometimes, especially when daddy goes upstairs. She whines and fusses until he comes back down. We have her nice toys but she prefers to steal my books to chew on them instead when I'm not looking and she will choose to chew on her squeaky toy at around four in the morning. It took her awhile to go up the stairs and we tried treats but they wouldn't work... until we found the perfect "treat" for her: Daddy. She got tired of Joe going up the stairs and leaving her down there, so finally one day she decided to go up there and get him herself. She is such a perfect match for us and we adore her.

I have never in my life seen a dog sleep so much. Lady loves to snuggle and give kisses and we love taking her for long walks. It took her about a week to start getting completely comfortable with us and we see more and more of her true personality each day. She took to her crate during the day when we're gone excellently and she was housebroken from the start.

We are getting very excited to spend Christmas with her and she already has her own stocking and Christmas tree ornament. Thanks again so much for our new, wonderful family member!

Joe Colantuoni & Ashley Tyndall

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