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NGAP's 2014 Holiday Get Together

Saturday, December 6, 2014
12 Noon-4pm

NGAP Kennel & Clinic
10901 Dutton Road (rear of building)
Philadelphia, PA 19154

Bring your greyhounds and join us to kick off the holiday season!

Nail Clipping will be available from 11am-2pm in the clinic for $10.

NGAP will be hosting a very special seminar at 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 by Toni Lynn Mark. Ms. Mark is a Petsafe Training and Behavior Education Specialist. If your dog walks terribly on a leash and pulls you up and down the street then you need to attend this seminar with your dog! You will receive quick and easy tips PLUS a FREE Easy Walk Harness.

The store will be open and will feature several new items.

There will be a 'Doggie Flea Market' table with many one-of-a-kind items.

Visit our kennel and see our new arrivals. They are just adorable and are looking for a home for the holidays.

We look forward to seeing you and your greyhounds!

'Greyt Eyes' Merchandise

Those of you that have visited our clinic waiting room may be familiar with the several pairs of greyhound eyes that look intently at you from the wall. Thanks to one of our Wolf Investment tenants, some of those eyes have been transformed into t-shirt form using a new digital process that is unlike screen printing or heat transfers but gives you the high quality halftones as though they had been screen printed. Several different designs (pictured below) will be available at our Holiday Get Together in t-shirt form. We will also have a limited number of sweatshirts available. They will be available while supplies last or on special order. Please use the ordering code in the lower left hand corner of the frame on each design (GE-2 through GE-7).

Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes Greyt Eyes


Something new can be found in our kennel! A lurcher is a greyhound mix or even a full-bred greyhound that is bred to hunt and chase furry animals and are are mainly used for field trial racing. They are usually kept outside all year around and have a much harder life than a racing greyhound. We now have a few in our kennel that are available for adoption and photos of these cute canines will be on the website shortly. In most cases, it is difficult to identify a lurcher from a greyhound unless you look for ear tattoos.

From The Director

2014 was a year that looked quiet on the outside but in reality wasn't quiet at all. Many know that I spend my winters in Florida but that doesn't mean I take time off from the kennel, our clinic or greyhound advocacy issues. The first few months of 2014 were an excellent time to be in Florida because two Florida State Senators introduced controversial legislation that would benefit the racing greyhounds. Senator Maria Sachs, who actually legislates from Delray Beach, FL where I live, introduced legislation to permit tracks that were losing money on live greyhound racing to end live racing but continue operating as a pari-mutuel with simulcasting and high stakes card playing. High stakes card playing is currently the main driver of profits for Florida tracks. There are also are a few tracks that have slot machines which are also profitable. The tracks that wanted to end live racing supported this initiative.

The other legislation was introduced by Senator Eleanor Sobel that would require injury reporting. Currently greyhound deaths are reported at Florida racetracks but not greyhound injuries. This legislation would have provided the much needed transparency that the industry is so against.

Although it is clear that Florida legislators have no backbone when it comes to truly helping Florida's racing greyhounds, National Greyhound Adoption Program did it's very best to support these legislative initiatives. We wrote to all of the legislators multiple times. We emailed every greyhound adoption program and NGAP adopter multiple times. We attempted to put pressure where pressure would do the most good. Unfortunately both initiatives failed and in reality I blame most of it on the West Palm Beach track owned by the Rooneys - who incidentally also own the Pittsburgh Steelers - as if they don't have enough money already.

Unfortunately, all of our aggressive advocacy efforts angered the industry people that routinely gave us dogs. They refused to send more dogs to us. This meant we had to go underground to find greyhounds and had to purchase our own trailer to haul them from wherever. In early September, that task was accomplished! Much of the expense for the trailer was paid for from the estate of Robert Krupp and we have since dedicated the trailer in his memory. It's still very dicey trying to get greyhounds but we continue to do just that.

New Trailer

We still lead the way when it comes to having a spectacular website full of greyhound specific news and health articles. The addition of our site search bar allows people to find information on issues they may be having with their greyhound more efficiently. We do our best to educate adopters by publishing our findings from necropsies and other procedures that we see in our clinics. We currently have one of the most comprehensive articles on osteosarcoma posted on our website and the information just continues to grow.

This year, after being in our building for ten years, we were faced with the daunting and expensive task of replacing our roof. We finally completed it this past month at a very great expense of over $100,000.00 but at least now everything is dry, including our greyhounds! It is plain to see that we have had some financial challenges this year which were quite unexpected, but as always, challenges never lessen our commitment to our greyhounds.

Lastly, NGAP has continued to support greyhound adoption, advocate for greyhound racers that cannot speak up for themselves and educate the public on greyhound health issues for the past 25 years. Because of our vast resources, I think many people forget that we are a nonprofit and rely on your help to do all of the things we have accomplished. Please remember National Greyhound Adoption Program during this season of giving and help us to continue to help greyhounds. We truly cannot do it without you!

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National Greyhound Adoption Program
10901 Dutton Road
Philadelphia, PA

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