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Breed: greyhound 
DOB: Young 
Color: White/Blue Fawn 
Left ear#:  
Right ear#:  
Previous              Up              Next      Adopted: 02-17-16

bailey04 has been adopted by Victoria Lackey , Philadelphia, PA


Bailey is one of four Italian greyhound/beagle mixes that were taken from a hoarding situation where he was in a home with approximately 40 other dogs. He is a stunning blue fawn boy with beautiful eyes. Out of all of his siblings with him at NGAP, he resembles an Italian greyhound the most. Unfortunately, when confronted with any new person or situation, Bailey will often choose to bite. He is not a bad dog by any means, but he is not confident because he was not raised with human affection or positive human interaction and wasn't properly socialized with humans. Despite all of this, Bailey truly enjoys giving and receiving affection and attention and loves to give kisses to those that have earned his trust. Although Bailey is active and playful, he will choose to cuddle on the couch with you over playing. We feel that with a special and vigilant owner, Bailey can safely work on and overcome his fear-biting issues. It is very important that Bailey has the opportunity to gain trust in a potential owner. Slow introductions to everything and everyone will be vital. His first two weeks in a new home should be mellow with no new introductions. He also needs to be in a home with no cats, no young children and would do best as an only dog. Although he got along well with his brothers and sisters, he tended to be protective of them. Bailey is very, very intelligent and already knows sit, down, wait and inside (the crate). When he is inside the house, he is very food motivated. When he is outside, he is more interested in human approval over treats as his reward. That being said, Bailey can be stubborn and will need an owner that will set limits and stick to those limits. He will not take correction from someone he does not trust. Bailey is crate trained but will need work on housebreaking. Since Bailey can easily jump over a five foot fence, only a secure yard with a very tall privacy fence will work for him. He enjoys going for leash walks but because he is uncomfortable when approached by strangers, he cannot be walked on a retractable leash and his new owner will need to be very vigilant. We truly feel that Bailey is an amazing dog that just had a rough start. He has a lot of personality, a lot of love to give and a lot of potential. We are sure he will be a most rewarding companion to the lucky person that commits to working with him. If you are interested in adopting Bailey, please call 215-331-7918 to set up an appointment with Bobbie or Barbara. Please share so we can find the right home for this great guy!

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Philadelphia, PA

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